Robert Joslin

Zurich, Switzerland | Mar 26, 2014 | 1960 Steinway M

Letter from Robert Joslin

I got to know about Lindeblad Piano Restoration when I was first looking for a Steinway for my children in the USA. During my search I visited their offices and was shown around the display and workshop. I was impressed on how professional and friendly they were. Having now bought my first Steinway, one of my friends in Switzeriand was also very interested in having one. My dealings were with Todd Lindeblad who was super-efficient and organized everything
from purchase to export. We agree on a price including transportation and Todd worked everything out including a Swiss piano installer who unpacked and installed the Steinway. One of the comments from the Swiss piano installer is that he commented that the packing was “so weil done, he has rarely seen this even in Switzerland“. My friend (lvo) has his own jolner business (building quality furniture) and he is very happy with the service and the piano, “it is truly
beautiful“. One of Ivo‘s friends saw the piano on the first day it was delivered and is also interested in buying one for his children in Switzerland.
Nothing beats good service!
Thank you on behalf of lvo and myself.