Rebecca and Ross Silver

Allentown, PA | Mar 9, 2014 | 1929 Steinway M

Letter from Rebecca and Ross Silver

Dear Paul and Todd,

We have been thoroughly enjoying our beautiful 1929 Steinway M piano for the past month and wanted to express how much we appreciate your exceptional customer service and craftsmanship. This piano has been a lifelong dream of mine. When I was two years old, I begged my parents for a piano. They presented me with a plastic, toy piano. While I thanked them for their gift, I insisted on having a 'real' piano. I finally convinced them I was serious and at the age of six my parents purchased a Baldwin upright. I practiced and played on that piano for the next twelve years, cultivating my passion and honing my skill, before graduating from high school and heading off to college.

Six years ago, I had the good fortune of purchasing a new, entry level baby grand piano. While it served our family well and got my two young sons interested in playing, I longed for a higher qua1ity piano. My search initially began by looking at new pianos. I auditioned several nice instruments, but none of them 'sang' to me. I also found myself playing the used and restored Steinway pianos that new retailers had on their floors, though none was quite the right fit. I decided to broaden my search outside Pennsylvania and found your website. Impressed with your extensive inventory and the glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, I quickly made an appointment with Todd.

Your showroom was equally impressive and we felt comfortable browsing and sampling the dozens of restored vintage Steinways. I'm pretty sure I asked about a thousand questions throughout the process! You were both very understanding and informative and I appreciate all the time you gave us explaining every detail of the restoration. The end result is a beautiful piano thal delights our entire family. The exterior appears pristine and the tone, touch and dynamic range was exactly what I was searching for. Please extend our gratitude to the entire Lindeblad team. My mother recently asked me if I finally have a 'real' piano, and the answer is a resounding, Yes!!