Paul and Lisa Hadlow

Darien, CT | Jan 20, 2010 | 1926 Steinway M

Letter from Paul and Lisa Hadlow

Dear Todd,
My wife and I have been considering a new piano for quite a while. She is an accomplished pianist and, with our kids showing an interest in music, we wanted a piano that would meet our family's needs. For any significant purchase I do fairly extensive research. The results of my investigation into pianos concluded that the Steinway baby grand model would best suit our situation. As the price of a new Steinway was more than we wanted to spend, a restored model was our best choice.
We realized that the quality and reputation of the restorer is as critical as the piano itself. After reading the testimonials of other customers, doing research on the web, and exchanging emails with Todd, we decided to visit Lindeblads to see their selection. We spent over 3 hours with Paul Lindeblad, a gracious man who was a pleasure to deal with. He answered all our questions with patience and thoroughness, and gave my wife and I ample time to play the pianos and think things through.
We ended up purchasing a beautiful piano that day. From initial contact to final delivery, we have been extremely satisfied with Lindeblad's responsiveness and integrity. The quality of their product both the piano and service, is second to none.
Paul Hadlow
Darien CT