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Pat Feuchtenberger

Bluefield, VA | Jun 20, 2008 | 1905 Steinway B

Letter from Pat Feuchtenberger

Dear Paul and Todd,
It took me several years of looking at pianos, new and rested, to decide to restore the 1905 Steinway B which I had.
I use the piano for recording and for recitals in the music room. I use another piano for the bulk of my teaching, but when the students get a piece ready to perform, we work on the big piano.
From its mahogany, hand-rubbed finish, restored ivory keyboard, re-bronzed harp, to its nickel-plated hardware, it is beautiful. More important to me, is the sound and action. With the new damper system, action meticulously regulated and voiced, and new action parts, the piano improved constantly, as it settle into its home. My Steinway is an incredible instrument, and after your outstanding restoration to its original glory, everyone who has heard it or played thinking it is a truly fine instrument. I prefer it to a new Steinway B.
I appreciate all the time you spent in explaining to me the procedures and the choices to make as we went along, and your expert craftsmanship to every detail.
If you have anyone who wants to visit and see and pay this piano, or call and talk to me about it, I would be happy to share my experience with them.
Restoring a piano is a big decision, and I heartily recommend doing it. It was certainly the right decision for me and I would not hesitate to recommend Lindeblad Piano Restoration to anyone wanting a fine piano.
Pat Feuchtenberger

Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 & $10,000 Cash

Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 &
$10,000 Cash

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