M.S. Gadel

Newton, NJ | Mar 30, 1995 | 1933 Steinway M

Letter from M.S. Gadel

Dear Mr. Lindeblad,
When I heard the rebuilt 1933 Steinway in your studio, I felt I must have that tone. Nevertheless, I visited the Steinway showroom and tried their new pianos of comparable size (medium grand). The new Steinways did not match the rich tone of your piano, and of course were selling at twice the price. That made for a very easy choice.
The finish on this piano is unsurpassed. As you know, I am much more interested in tone than in appearance, but all of my visitors remark on the beauty of the instrument. They are correct; it is striking.
This piano is the last possession I would part with.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Gadel