Kathleen Wight

Austin, TX | Oct 9, 2012 | 1918 Steinway M

I inherited my grandmother's 1918 Steinway Model M Grand about 15 years ago-after it had been sitting unused in a drafty, old farmhouse for at least 45 years. My grandmother received it new, on her 16th birthday on December 5, 1918 from her parents. She went on to study concert piano and even played Carnegie Hall. Giving up her career as a concert pianist she came back to Texas to take over the family ranch and worked the ranch until her death at the age of 103.

When I took the piano, it was in horrible condition but everything was still intact. All the strings, hammers, ivory keys, etc. needed help.
After researching who to contact about refinishing the piano, I chose Lindeblad Piano and was immediately impressed with Todd's knowledge, professionalism and honesty.

The piano was picked up on April 14th and away it went. Only to return August 2nd in unbelievable condition!!! I didn't even recognize my piano! I immediately called Paul Lindeblad and told him 'you sent me the wrong piano, this is not mine'. He laughed and assured me it was, in fact, my piano. After that, all I could say for the next few minutes was 'Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh my gosh it's gorgeous.'

It is absolutely stunning. The hand rubbed satin finish on the case shows the very grain of the mahogany that had been hidden by years of dust and grime.

The re-bronzed harp, new strings, hammers, dampers, all the mechanics shine like it's right out of the Steinway plant. I played (and took lessons) over 45 years ago and am looking for a piano teacher who will teach me how to play this beautiful instrument. It's so gorgeous I'm almost afraid to touch it.

Lindeblad kept the original ivory keys, repairing the ones that needed repair and gave me back the piano my grandmother opened in 1918.

Saying 'Thank You' doesn't seem enough for all the time, energy and most of all, love Lindeblad put into my piano. It will grace our home for many years before I hand it down to our oldest son (he's 24 now). I hope this piano will stay in our family for many more generations to come.

Thank you, Lindeblad for a magnificent job. Well done.

I love my piano! I really, really do. And so do all my siblings, family members and neighbors who've seen it.

Thank you!!
Kathleen Wight