Karen M. Mitchell

Grand Rapids, MI | Feb 6, 2005 | 1897 Steinway

Letter from Karen M. Mitchell

Dear Todd,
This is a long overdue note to tell you how thrilled I am with the piano I purchased from you last summer. It is a beautiful 1897 Steinway Model I upright. I researched antique pianos and found the information about your company very impressive. When I first saw the piano on your website, I knew it was meant for our home. I was overcome with emotion when it was delivered. It is breathtaking, like a piece of rare, fine art.
The piano tuner we hired could not stop raving about the masterful job of restoration. He was skeptical prior to working on the piano, yet when he opened it, he became as giddy as a small child with a new toy. Amazed by the workmanship, he said you cut no corners while refurbishing it and left still singing your praises.
My two oldest sons, ages nine and seven, began lessons last fall. They enjoy practicing and always have an eager audience of the three youngest siblings. My husband and I even leaf through their lesson books and try to teach ourselves! We soon bought some furniture and built the entire room around the piano. The living room has become the center of the house. My heart still swells with joy each and every time music fills the air.
You are try artists. I can't thank you enough for your dedication to your craft. You saved this magnificent instrument and brought us the gift of music for many generations to come.
Karen Mitchell