Joseph Joubert

East Orange, NJ | Jun 8, 2018 | 1912 Steinway D

I decided I wanted to go up to the next level, and the next level is a Steinway concert grand. I didn’t think I could afford it. I went to Lindeblad Pianos. I had a Yamaha C7 which is seven foot six. Talking to Chad he said, “well if you really want a D, let’s go for the D.” They didn’t have one in stock, so he went and found me a 1912 D on the West coast and let me know that they could rebuild it.I went to the factory. I saw what they do—the work they do. My Steinway D was a complete rebuild, and it’s just incredible. I’ve got to find some more superlatives: “incredible, great, amazing!” The look, the finish is incredible. The touch—I went to try it out, and every note just plays and responds the way I want it to. It really is the dream instrument.I’ve played all instruments. I’ve played Yamahas, Baldwins, even Bosendorfers. But you know, there’s nothing like an incredible Steinway piano. It’s like having a Rolls Royce in my house. I can’t describe it any better than that. You can see the Euphoria in my face.This is a 1912, and they made them differently back in that time. I knew that there was something about the older instruments that was lost with the new. There’s a difference in that in the older rebuilt pianos. And I knew that I could have some specifications—I wanted the Renner action, and I knew that I wanted a rebuilt Steinway. When I say “affordable”, it was definitely something that I thought would be worth the investment and not like so astronomical that I just would never be able to do it. The price that Lindeblad did was really affordable. When my wife and I had to talk about “can we do this?”, my wife knows my passion for music. She knew that if this is your dream, you’ve got to go for it. She was very pleased. She was showing the pictures to friends and saying, “check out the piano!”I’m going to be a champion for Lindeblad because it just—it worked for me. These guys, they know what they’re doing.