Joseph Cammarata

Huntington, NY | Apr 11, 2012 | 1939 Steinway B

Letter from Joseph Cammarata

I'd been searching a year for a Steinway B and was clear on the period from whence it must come. I contacted the Lindeblad Piano Company, informed them of my needs and within just a few weeks they had found a suitable instrument from 1939. I went to see it at their showroom, liked its sound, then came to a most amicable agreement on the restoration and subsequent services with Todd and Paul. In under five weeks, on 8 March 2012, my rebuilt Steinway B was delivered to my renovated music room in Huntington, NY.
The Lindeblad Piano Company are a very reliable source for piano sales, restoration, technical and cosmetic service. I highly recommend them to any novice, professional musician and to families seeking an instrument which may be a focal point in their home and lives.
I commend you, Paul, Todd, David for all of your efforts in timeliness, services subsequent to sales/delivery, and of course, beautiful craftsmanship and detail. You've been blessed with the gifts of knowledge and integrity.