José M. Rivera, MD

Plano, TX | Nov 30, 2009 | 1921 Steinway M

Dear Todd,
I am sorry for taking so long to write to you after the delivery of our beautiful 1921 Steinway M piano this past July.
For years my wife and I had wanted to get a Steinway grand piano for our home. There is a Steinway Hall store in our town, and we went and checked their pianos. Unfortunately, their prices were prohibitive for our budget, so we held back. Then our piano teacher suggested considering a restored piano. In the past she has restored several Steinway pianos, and she was very knowledgeable.
I started researching restored Steinway pianos, and your business kept coming up in all my searches for top piano restorers. Your pricing was very competitive and at a huge savings compared to a new piano. I finally contacted you, and your attentiveness was just exceptional. In addition, I contacted several of your customers, and their experience was consistently nothing but outstanding.
We finally deeded to purchase the 1921 Steinway M. It was a bit of a leap of faith for us, since we were unable to make the trip to New Jersey to check the piano out, but believe me, we were not disappointed. You and Paul were extremely accommodating and fair in working out the deal. The delivery process was very smooth and professional. The piano made it all the way down to Texas in perfect condition, with some minor nicks which were easily touched up.
We had our first tuning this past week. Our tuner was very impressed with the quality of the piano. Moreover, our piano teacher just loves the piano; she says that it is by far the best restoration that she has ever seen, and as I already mentioned, she is quite experienced with restored pianos.
I would recommend your business to anybody looking for a high quality restored Steinway piano without reservation. We intend to enjoy this beautiful instrument for many years to come, and we hope that our future grandchildren will get to enjoy it as well.
Thank you for a wonderful experience, and best wishes for continued success.
Jose Rivera