John Forestieri

Newport, VA | Oct 14, 2008 | 1902 Steinway B

Letter from John Forestieri

Dear Lindeblad team,
My guess is you will not tire of it, but I wanted to thank you once again for your incredible customer service as well as your expertise in providing me with my dream piano-- the 1902 Steinway B I purchased from your team just a few months back. The please I receive from this incredible piano is way beyond what I expected, - and I had high expectations! The combination of the craftsmanship from those folks way back at the turn of the century along with the skills and dedication of the Lindeblad team make this piano a true masterpiece. Your team helped me through the decision process with the utmost professionalism and with utter dedication to the goal of excellence!
I can only vaguely and with humble regard attempt to play as well as this piano deserves--it seems it lives. This Steinway looks incredibly beautiful and plays beautifully. The only concern I have as it and when the day comes I do not wake up and feel like a little kid with the great new acquisition--possibly the day will never come?
Thank you again for helping e make this all possible.
John Forestieri