Hannah Anderson

Bingham Farms, MI | Nov 16, 2010 | Chickering

Letter from Hannah Anderson

To our Friends at Lindeblad Piano,
I am writing this on behalf of my entire family to express our gratitude for the exquisite baby grand piano that now resides in our living room. Our family has long had a tradition of music, before even my grandparents met one another singing opposite leads in Pagliacci, and it is something which has tied us together, despite our wide range of Italian and German opinions. As children, we were all required to perform for the family on holidays and I suppose it had a lasting effect because now we all carol together on Christmas and still sing around the piano while my Grandmother plays. The sense of joy and delight in being able to express ourselves through our music permeates the air as much as the home made lasagna baking in the oven.
One would think with such a houseful of musicians (myself, my sister, and brother are all experienced teachers and my mother an accomplished sacred music composer) we would have had an adequate piano, but alas, we had an out of tune console worth negative dollars that finally gave out and needed replacing. So naturally I called my long time friend Todd in New Jersey and asked for a recommendation. Now here is the amazing part. It must have been at least eight years since I stepped foot into Lindeblad Piano and tested the pianos on the floor, but Paul and Todd remembered and selected a piano for us which matched so perfectly I am blown away. Pianists can be very selective about their preference in action on a piano and I am no exception. I like a responsive, gentle touch that still has depth when pressured. I am not even sure I can adequately describe what I like, but Paul and Todd sent the right one. I now have a hard time playing on any other piano.
You should have seen my Grandmother's eyes light up at when she first put her fingers on the kets. She has since repeatedly expressed her appreciation for the touch of the piano. You can't get a better compliment than that. In addition, my uncle and two of my cousins, who are also musicians, often comment as well how they wish they had a piano with such an action. And I cannot mention the countless other number of friends and musicians who come through our home and are inspired by the touch and sound of our piano. One cannot doubt that I am certain that they know exactly where the piano is from!
So thank you, the incredible craftsmanship has been a delight to the musicians in our family and the beautiful and rich sound has added to the music of life that does not cease to emanate from our home. We are blessed to have such a work of art be a part our our family.
Sincerely yours,
Hannah Anderson.