Georgia White Clements

Lewisberry, PA | Feb 9, 2009 | 1910 Steinway B

Letter from Georgia White Clements

Dear Paul and the entire Lindeblad Family,
Ever since acquiring my 1910 Steinway B, I've always wanted to restore it to its natural beauty. I knew I had a treasure and wanted it to last through a few more generations of my family!
Through the internet, I found your family business. How lucky I was! From the first inquiry, to phone calls and e-mail correspondence, I knew I had made a wise choice. Our visit to your showroom and work facility was truly an eye-opener. Not only were members of your family gracious to us, but also willing to explain anything about the restoration process in minute detail for us.
My Steinway B sits in our living room. Although a piano instructor, I selfishly save the Steinway for myself and family. I use other pianos in my piano studio for the bulk of my teaching. However, as the students enter our house on the lower level, they gaze at the Steinway in awe! Whenever the students have a special project or are getting ready for a recital or performance, we work on the Steinway. It's truly a special piano for special events!
The Steinway looks magnificent. Its satin hand-rubbed finish is glorious! From the ivory keys to the re-bronzed harp, one can see the conscientious attention to detail. To the listener's ear, one can hear the thorough attention given to the regulation and voicing of the action and all the new parts that were painstakingly installed.
The restoration process is a big design. I would not hesitate to recommend Lindeblad Piano Restoration to anyone wanting a fine piano. I would also be happy to share my experience with the Lindeblad family with anyone considering this process. I would also welcome anyone who wants to visit and see and play this piano.
Yours truly,
Georgia White Clements