Garrett Rake

Holton, KS | Mar 20, 2011 | 1903 Steinway

Played keyboards in a band, which, of course, in a band I definitely don't haul the Steinway around. My back can't take that. It's always a joy as a player and doing some writing just to be able to sit down at a tremendous instrument. Fine instruments like this inspire creativity, they inspire emotion.

The tonal characteristics of a piano like this you just don't find very often. The richness of the tone from the aged cabinet, 107-year-old wood. It's hard to find that kind of craftsmanship in today's day and age. Now it's back to its original state and it's going to be a piece that'll last for an awful long time.

We're in small town America here in the heartland, and it's natural for you to have some skepticism and want to do everything you can to make sure that you're not going to be taken advantage of. And just from the website itself, I really felt a connection right away that these were a group of people that took a lot of pride in what they did. Obviously, from the testimonials and the pictures online of restorations they've done, you could tell right away that they were definitely experts in the field.

The conversations I had with Todd, and then eventually Paul, who was just phenomenal as well. You just develop a relationship and you can tell that these are people of integrity, that are craftsmen and luthiers, and they just love what they do. You can tell. No qualms at all.

Once the piano was delivered and I sat down and played it for the first time and just took it all in, yeah, it didn't even phase me to write the check and put that in the mail. I knew that I was getting my money's worth and more so.

From the very first moment I contacted them it was nothing but professional. I just felt like these were the people to do the work. And I'm sure glad I did because they did just a phenomenal job, as you can see. Everything from start to finish just seamless.