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G. William Jarman

Baton Rouge, LA | Feb 4, 2009 | 1916 Steinway A3

Letter from G. William Jarman

I wanted to express my appreciation the Lindeblad Piano Restoration for helping me make a life long dream come true--that is, I have always wanted to own a Steinway Grand Piano. Thanks to your company, I now own at completely resorted, beautifully sounding and beautiful to look at, 1916 Steinway Model A3.
A little history on how I found you. I actually researched Steinway Model Bs on the internet and was trying to locate a prior owned piano. That search led me to Lindeblad Piano Restoration. The website then was excellent and has even been improved. I was very impressed with the substance on the site and it convinced me to call. I heard from Todd Lindeblad a couple of days later and we began to discuss various Steinway pianos.
I had also read about Model A3s of a certain vintage in Larry Fine's book about pianos and I was intrigued with the A3 as well. Todd was able to direct me to the 1916 piano and I decided to purchase it. Before I made the final decision, I was given several names of customers by Todd who had used the company and I exchanged emails and found them to be very pleased with the restoration and the service.
The restoration probably took about 8 months and I visited the piano when it was about 95% complete. I had a certified piano technician meet me at Lindeblad Piano and he went over the piano meticulously and pronounced it an exquisite restoration. He had a few suggestions on voicing and a couple of other minor suggestions.
The piano was delivered in summer of 2008, much to my delight. For one or two minor corrections, Lindeblad Piano paid for a piano technician to make final adjustments so that the piano was in tip top condition as I began to enjoy it both from a visually aesthetic perspective and for its amazing sound.
I would not hesitate to recommend Lindeblad Piano Restoration to anyone who has a serious interest in purchasing a high end, top of the line variety. The quality of the workmanship and the follow-up service has been first rate.
Very truly yours,
G. William Jarman

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Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 &
$10,000 Cash

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