Emiko & Leo Hamill

Folsom, CA | Feb 5, 2011 | 1908 Steinway O

I know there's another Steinway restore in California, but we decided to choose across the country.
New Jersey's a long ways away. My conversations with Paul and Todd closed that gap just incredibly. They weren't looking to make you make a quick decision. They wanted to make sure that this was a piece of art versus a piece of furniture that you were going to have in your house.
Because we bought this piano before it was restored, Paul said I could have it finished in any stain I wanted. So he send me the stain chips, and then we looked at it, compared it to our furniture of the house, and picked the one that matched the best.
Whether it was samples of wood and samples of stains and samples of this or that, you could just see them making every effort that you didn't really feel that same distance. If we're going to get this wonderful Steinway, it would be nice to be able to enjoy more than just when she's playing it.
Because we put the player on the piano, I was a little bit concerned about the playability of the piano. If the machine, the player, is going to change the way it feels, and I don't notice a difference.
I sit here in this room and read, and it's nice to be able to have piano in the background.
Paul said it's coming in a complete climate controlled, air-conditioned truck. And I was I hope I like it.
I was in Japan visiting my parents and I saw my husband's home, and we talked on the phone and he said, it's just beautiful. You've got to see this.
We called a very experienced piano tuner, and he said, wow, that is a beautiful piano. And he said, where did you get this? New Jersey. New Jersey? And he was kind of stunned a little bit. He said, you know there are a lot of piano restores around, and nowadays nobody even knows how to do this closed pore finish, and he knew it. He said, so many piano restores, they don't even know what finish to put on. And he said, this is beautifully done. He was very impressed.
You got that sense that literally it was going to be a piece of them in your house. And they were so concerned that you are not going to walk down the stairs one morning or whatever and say oh darn, we did this or did that. They just wanted to, you walked down every time and you were happy and you had had a discussion about every aspect of the piano.
Paul kept asking me why did you choose us? And I don't know. But I felt just good talking to him, reading the website, looking at his inventory, and his professionalism on the phone.
I don't know how they can improve. Everything was done so right, so correctly. I asked them question, they'd call right back or they send me email right back. If we make some request and they're very quick and responsive to whatever that our needs are. I don't know if they can improve any.