Dalis Sharpe

West Lake Hills, TX | Dec 11, 2008 | 1927 Mason and Hamlin A

Letter from Dalis Sharpe

I wanted to thank you again and again for your incredible expertise, leadership and service in bringing my 1927 Mason & Hamlin baby grand back to life.
Several years ago, my husband and I decided to purchase a piano. Because I've played since I was eight, I wanted something special that I could pass along to y children. we found this beautiful piano in Excelsior Springs. It had lived its life in the historic Elms Hotel and had hosted events such as illegal gambling parties with Al Capone and Bugsy Moran, as well as Harry S. Truman's election celebration. In 1970, the hotel closed its doors for eight years. As a thank you for her continuous service, a devoted secretary of the elms was offered any piece of furniture she'd like and she asked for the piano. When we purchased the piano (on ebay!), it was located in the house of her son, in the midst of three foot piles of trash and rat's nests, surrounded by puddles of rain damage. I don't think I can fully describe what it was like seeing such a beautiful piece surrounded by decay and neglect. We were uncertain, after seeing it in person, if it was actually salvageable.
Our search for a piano restoration company was short. Within just a few minutes of phone calls, the name Lindeblad came up over and over again. After several wonderful conversations with Todd, we shipped the piano directly to you. My husband has kept it's restoration hidden from me, as a surprise. I assumed we wouldn't be seeing it again for at least three more years. But my Christmas present this year was a stunning, perfectly restored Mason & Hamlin sitting in my house! I've had it for three days now and I'm still giddy when I sit down to play it!
The workmanship is of the highest quality and has far exceeded my hopes for bringing it back to its original touch and beauty. The piano is absolutely perfect--an absolute dream-come-true! Your passion for restoring the piano to its original beauty, rather than simply update it, makes it an absolute masterpiece. Although I am glad to write a testimonial for you, I can't fully express to you how thankful and honored I am to have trusted you with something so special.
Thank you for creating an heirloom for our family.
Dalis Sharpe