Carla Bailey

Temple, TX | Jan 28, 2010 | 1941 Steinway Console

Letter from Carla Bailey

Dear Mr. Lindeblad,
I received my piano last week and have really been enjoying it. I wanted to share my story of my experience with your company. First and foremost, I would never purchase anything so extravagant sight unseen.
I am a violinist. I had never touched a piano. I even tuned my piano using a pitch pipe. I am so in awe of a piano, I wouldn't even touch the case. As a child I always wanted a piano. The desire to own and play never waned.
Recently, I decided, as I am nearing retirement, if ever I was going to fulfill my desire, it's now or never. Not knowing how to begin, but with the support of friends and family, I began my quest. As there are no stores in my vicinity, and Steinway was the only name I knew, I searched the internet for Steinway. I soon lean red that new was out of my budget. As an avid antique collector, I also knew there was value in vintage if I could find one.
Lindeblad piano came up in every search I did. After a couple of weeks, I finally contacted Todd. Well, I contacted the company. Nearly in tears, I explained my dilemma to Levi, who was so nice. He immediately put Todd on the phone. Todd asked questions and answered all my concerns. He was able to steer me to exactly what I was looking for. From there, he did everything, including sitting in 700 miles through an ice storm to my house. It's everything I hoped for, and more. Todd and Levi stayed with me through the entire experience. Todd is still answering questions for me and has always been very patient as I try to learn. I have a fully restored, beautiful 1941 Steinway which sound magnificent and looks great.