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Alice Windish

Parsippany, NJ | Oct 14, 2002 | Steinway B

I originally learned of Lindeblad Pianos when an article appeared in our local newspaper which detailed a Steinway restoration which was done by Lindeblad. Several years elapsed and when St. Gregory's church was looking to rebuild its ninety year old Steinway B--we contacted (among others) Paul Lindeblad and found him to be most helpful in determining our needs and responsive to our particular situation. It was discussed and eventually decided to award the contract to Lindeblad Pianos on the basis of his expertise, his projected time to completion, and his cost evaluation.

Just days ago our newly restored piano was returned to us and we are amazed and enormously delighted with the results. The beautiful tone, the cabinet finish, and the general appearance have exceeded indeed our expectations. Paul Lindeblad gets high marks from the St. Gregory family.

Alice Windish