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Whether you are in Seattle, Singapore or any location in between, if you are looking to buy the perfect piano or custom restore a family heirloom, our piano experts will work closely with you from any distance. We ship pianos all over the world every day.

World Wide Shipping
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One of our beautifuly restored pianos is likely being played near you.

Hundreds of customers every year, from cities all over the United States, trust Lindeblad for their piano purchase or restoration. We use the same care and precaution to move pianos around the world, as we do to move them across town. Trust your piano to the experts at Lindeblad, we guarantee you will be satisfied.

World Wide Shipping

Satisfied Customers From Coast to Coast
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Many people can't imagine shipping their piano halfway across the country.

Two concerns often come up when we speak with our customers
"Will my piano be safe on its journey?" and "Will I be able to keep close tabs on the restoration process?"


World Wide Shipping

Around the World

Watch a Lindeblad piano's journey from our studios to Singapore

World Wide Shipping

Across the Country

Watch a Lindeblad piano's journey from our studios to Nevada

Will my piano be safe on its journey?


Throughout history, top quality pianos have been manufactured in very few places. Most started their journey in New York or Hamburg and were then transported all over the world. While piano movers have some specialized training and tools, quality pianos are designed to travel. Piano’s bounced along dirt roads in horse-drawn carts and floated across the oceans in sailing ships. Today’s temperature controlled air-ride trucks, container ships, and cargo-planes provide a much safer journey.

Lindeblad will ensure your instrument is transported with the care it deserves. Across town, or around the world.

  • National Network of Piano Movers
  • Highly Experienced, Properly Trained, and Fully Insured
  • Equipped to Keep Your Piano in Perfect Condition


Will I be able to keep close tabs on the restoration process?


We know that many of our customers want to feel closely connected to the restoration process. Our unmatched emphasis on personal service means that we are always available to update you on the progress of your restoration. We are happy to speak with you on the phone, email photos, hold a video chat, or host you at our restoration studio for an update. In an age where connecting with each other is so easy, we recognize there is no reason to settle for anything less from large corporations or local restorers.

Communication Process
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