10 Tips to Keep Your Piano Beautiful

1925 Steinway Model L, interior
  1. Dust your piano regularly. Nothing will preserve your piano's beauty more than the use of a simple hand duster.
  2. Keep the piano’s lid closed when you’re not using the piano. This will prevent dust from settling inside.
  3. Place your piano away from windows and direct sunlight. Over time, sunlight will fade the finish.
  4. Place your piano away from any heaters.  Again, a direct heat source reduces the longevity of your piano and causes it to go out of tune prematurely.
  5. If the keys get dirty, clean them with a damp cloth, wiping them quickly. Never apply any liquid directly to the keys. Just moisten the cloth with water.
  6. When entertaining guests, keep the piano lid open to prevent people from putting things on it. Warm or damp dishes can easily leave rings that are removable only by refinishing.
  7. Keep the humidity between forty and fifty percent in the piano’s room. Nothing will make a piano go out of tune faster than the fluctuation of humidity.
  8. Tune your piano regularly. Ideally, twice a year. When you turn the heat on and then off for the season, the piano will lose its tune. This is a good time to schedule your regular tunings. Tuning is particularly needed with newly restored pianos since these will have a “settling-in” period.
  9. Be careful what items you place on your piano, and particularly avoid plants. You could use an attractive fabric as a cover or runner between these objects and the piano. But really, shouldn’t your piano be seen rather than covered? Besides, stuff on the lid will discourage you from opening it, and the piano sounds best when the lid is open.
  10. Even with great care, age will inevitably show on a piano. If your piano looks worn or sounds tired give us a call. We love these pianos, and we’re happy toconsult with you on restoring your piano’s potential.

That's Our Steinway in the Street

Music makes a space come alive. And the right music in a public space can energize a whole street.

So when our friends at the street design studio Arterial asked us to contribute to their PARKing Day event in Montclair, NJ, we were ready with a 1902 Steinway Model B.

PARKing Day is an international event based around building small temporary parks within parking spaces to demonstrate the possibility of reclaiming and "rehumanizing" urban spaces. There are some surprising ways to convert a parking spot or two in to a public park.

You should have a look at the article on the Arterial Blog. You can also browse more photos from the PARKing Day event, or look at the PARKing Day videos.

A world of Player Piano Systems

Lindeblad Piano Restoration installs Automatic Player Piano Systems in probably 30% of the pianos we sell. They are incredibly popular. Take a look at this Steinway Model B with a QRS player system in it. Since the re-design of our website we have had very little information about player systems available, the old page is still up. But, we researching some changes for this page already.

The New (to us) Model D

One of the most exciting developments for Lindeblad Piano in the last month was acquiring a fantastic vintage Steinway Model D. The model D is a "Concert Grand" and measures nearly 9 feet long. It dominates a concert hall, let alone our show room here in Pine Brook. Our pictures of it make it seem as if it's hardly contained by the camera, even.

We are in the process of completely restoring it, but, you can already feel it's unmatched power when you sit to play it. Playing a Model D feels like steering a Battleship when all you drive is a golf cart. The power in the bass is unmatched in pianos.

Here's the link to it's listing in our inventory. Feel free to call and ask us about it, and, when we finish it we are absolutely going to have it in our showroom. Battleship guns blazing.

UPDATE: We sold this piano to the Wolfeboro Friends of Music.

Can you really work on my piano when I live so far away?

Absolutely yes! This is probably the number one question we get in our initial conversation with people who want to restore their piano or buy a restored piano from us. There seems to be an idea that since pianos are so heavy, large, valuable, and in some cases very ornate, we are only able to service individuals in our immediate area. Last year, we did almost 70% of our business out of state!

We've added Video!

We are so excited to announce that now many of our restored Steinway pianos for sale will have very high-quality videos of them being played! We put in a lot of extra hours over the holidays and this last month to get these videos up and running. We're still adding more every day, but, we wanted to give our blog a readers a sneak peek. The first piano on our inventory page, Ebony 1941 Steinway Model S, has the video and new page layout installed. Check it out here! Let us know what you think about these new videos! Are there any of our pianos you particularly want to see filmed? Any other tips for us?

A Piano's "Action": 88 individual machines!

It's hard to appreciate the complexity of a piano sometimes. Behind the keys and the wood is literally 88 individual machines that respond from your fingers and strike the strings. 88 machines! Take a look at this model, (and select #2 Keybad & Action). 25 parts are listed there, and that's not even the whole thing! Such an impressively small and precise machine. When we restore a piano, the first thing we advise is proper action regulation.

Piano World Records

Want to know how many times a single piano key can be played in one minute? There's a World Record for that. Want to know the longest time an Organ has ever been played continuously? There's a World Record for that. Want to know what the Largest Piano Ensemble ever was?

The "Target" Knabe

We are in the middle of finishing this really unique Circassian Walnut Knabe.  The graining on it is fantastic and we think the loop in the center of the note rack looks like a target.

We are in the middle of finishing this really unique Circassian Walnut Knabe.  The graining on it is fantastic and we think the loop in the center of the note rack looks like a target.  I'm going to put up a few more pictures of this piano and here are the details from the inventory.

Knabe 5

Victorian Steinway Grand Photos - Model B

We have recently completely restored a 1902 Steinway Grand piano with a QRS Pianomation installed.  I have attached photos of this masterpiece!

Victorian Steinway Grand Piano - Model B Victorian Steinway Grand Model B - Front Victorian Steinway Grand Piano Model B - Inside