Stephanie and Michael Pries

South Bend, IN | Nov 29, 2010 | 1909 Steinway A

I played piano from age 10 to age 20, and then I quit for like 15 years. And I started again on my little boy, starting playing piano. Then I started taking lessons again.
We decided to get serious about buying a piano as we we're decorating the house. There was always a place for a piano there. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a Steinway. There wasn't really choices in town, and so we went to Chicago.
We couldn't really find what we wanted or when we did find it, it didn't seem priced reasonably. So I turned to the internet, and I stumbled upon that Lindeblad website. We saw the great inventory that they had.
I guess a few months later, we happened to be in the New York area, and so we decided to stop in. It was great, because we got to see the quality of their workmanship, we got to get a sense of vast inventory of pianos that they had. So we were able to choose precisely the piano that we wanted. And really I think it was maybe just three months before they had completely refinished it and gotten it to us.
I guess I never really thought about buying a piano so far away and having them deliver it here. But it all worked out. I was surprised at how much they deliver to the rest of the country. Their service was great. Everything else in this house to do took forever, and the piano was the one thing that was on time.
There were no headaches, and they just delivered it as they said they would. They came to our specifications, and it was probably one of easiest buys we ever had. So we had looked at other places on the web that were sort of in the New York area, but we settled on this one. And we liked the family-owned aspect of it, also.
We really enjoyed dealing with Paul and Todd. They're very helpful people.
I definitely think the quality of the service is first rate. I think if someone has the opportunity to fly out and see the piano and--
If you happen to be in New York, yeah.
For the type of investment that they're making it's worth it. But yeah, I wouldn't have any reservation at all.
Just doing it off the internet or listening to people like us, they can have no hesitation in getting a piano from the Lindeblad's. I doubt there are many places that can offer such a high quality piano for the price anywhere in the US.
When we bought this house we had a marking for where we were going to put a piano. It took us till, to make the purchase, the end of '09 to actually buy it with the Lindeblad's.
The Lindeblad's did give us a cut out piece of plastic--
Yeah, that's right, to see how big it would be.
--of the size of the piano so that we could lay it out in the house to see how it would--
The scale, the exact scale. Yeah, we laid that out. I forgot about that, yeah, they did that for us.
It's so different than a Yamaha or one of those kinds of pianos. It just has more of an authentic feel. I don't know how to explain it. It's intended for people that really are serious about piano. And even though it's a hobby for me, I'm obviously not a great pianist, but I just love it.