Soundboard, Bridges, Strings, Pinblock, and Harp

Special attention goes into restoring the soundboard, if it be shimming and refinishing the original soundboard or replacing it with a new sitka spruce board. The bridges function is primarily to transmit the sound of the strings to the soundboard, which is the amplifier. We use carefully selected hard rock maple in this process. In addition strings and tuning pins are installed. Only top quality strings drawn to international standards from the finest Swedish steel are used. Nickel plated tuning pins which are rust resistant, as well as beautiful, are used in the stringing process. The pinblock is a very crucial part of the piano, in that it holds the tuning pins tight. At Lindeblad Piano, multi-laminated pinblock material is selected. Finally, the cast iron harp or frame is meticulously refinished which in the restoration industry is called reguilding.

Soundboard & Bridges

Soundboard & bridges
A view of the top side of soundboard & bridges

Bridge and bridge pins
The bridge and bridge pins located on the soundboard

Soundboard and ribs
A view of the bottom side of the soundboard and ribs


A view of the pinblock constructed and drilled. The tuning pins are inserted into this wood plank.


A view of the cast iron harp which holds all the piano strings

Tuning Pins & Strings

Tuning pins
A view of tuning pins around which the strings are coiled