Thousands of Customers Can't Be Wrong

Wolfeboro Friends of Music

“What I felt was that their work in the shop is always done at the highest level, and that they don't cut any corners.”

Wolfeboro, NH | 1919 Steinway D

In our search for our perfect piano, one of the first things I did was go to the Lindeblad testimonials. And that gave me a strong feeling that Lindeblad was a very personal organization and that they really cared about the pianos. As soon as we walked into the Lindeblad studio, Todd was there to welcome us. He really made us feel comfortable. And then we met Paul. Both of them together, whatever questions we had, they seemed to have good answers for them. What I felt was that their work in the shop is always done at the highest level, and that they don't cut any corners.

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Wolfeboro Friends of Music

Don't just take our word for it.

Cory and Melanie Turpin

Cory and Melanie Turpin

Rustin, LA | 1893 Steinway A

“It was kind of all blind faith until we got the piano and it was just a phenomenal piece of art.”

Everything about the way the Lineblad's do business, from the initial talks with their customers, to the in between work, to when you receive the piano, they want to make sure you're satisfied with everything...

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Kate Rose

Kate Rose

Orlando, FL | 1911 Ibach

“What better service do you want, really? Nice people making it easy for you.”

I have to say, the whole experience was-- it was so much fun. They helped me fall in love with the piano again. Their love for the piano came through. They worked on it so well and explained everything, and nothing was ever too much trouble-- I called them several times with silly questions. It was just a thrill. It was a thrill to have someone else appreciate this beautiful piano as much as I did.

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Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen

Houston, TX | 1925 Steinway O

“It's the best of the best as far as pianos and as far as who you're working with.”

After buying from them, I couldn't have imagined buying from anyone else. It's the best of the best as far as pianos and as far as who you're working with. Paul and Todd aren't in the business of just selling pianos. They're in the business of a fulfilling your dreams and making sure that the piano you get is the one that you've always wanted, and that's exactly what they've done.

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Duane and Betsy Greenawalt

Bennington, VT | 1894 Steinway A

Lindeblad Restoration goes above and beyond what they need to.

Sheryll Vanderhooft

Salt Lake City, UT | 1932 Mason and Hamlin AA

I'm very spoiled, I'm very lucky, and I'm very appreciative to the Lindeblads for delivering to me the piano of my dreams.

Marilyn Joiner

Shreveport, LA | Chickering

The first song I played was "Amazing Grace" because I kept thinking it's like amazing grace that we found these people.

Jason Warnick

Mercer Island, WA | 1918 Steinway O

It was clear this wasn't just a business to the Lindeblads. It was a family tradition to them to really invest in the perfect restoration of these vintage pianos.

Testimonial Highlights


Dr. Lanny Garvar

Coral Springs, FL | 1925 Steinway L

Paul wanted to know, are you happy and are you satisfied? And I said, yes, I am. Very, very pleased, very happy.

Stephen Lyttleton

Cypress, TX | 1905 Steinway A

Despite the distance, it seemed like they were right around the corner.

Robert and Jackie

Durango, CO | 1916 Steinway M

They really took the extra steps to ensure that we had what we really wanted.

Leisa and Jim Rotramel

Labadie, MO | 1911 Steinway A

I was shocked by the warranties offered. Their warranties are all 10, 20 years on the pianos.

Steven Bailin

Urbandale, IA | 1938 Chickering

They just have a passion for what they do and that gives you a lot of confidence and respect.

Emiko & Leo Hamill

Folsom, CA | 1908 Steinway O

I don't know how they can improve. Everything was done so right, so correctly.

Hillary Ross

Birmingham, AL | 1904 Mason and Hamlin

They delivered everything, true to their word, on time, in beautiful condition.

Kris Bruland

Coupville, WA | 1926 Knabe

In retrospect I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was absolutely the right decision and they just did a phenomenal job.

Garrett Rake

Holton, KS | 1903 Steinway

They just love what they do. You can tell. No qualms at all.

Shawna Martin

Alamagordo, NM | 1915 Mason and Hamlin A

You really can trust the Lindeblads to come through for you in every way.

Ron Meador

New York, NY | 1927 Steinway L

To this day, the Lindeblads are very concerned that I'm extremely happy, beyond happy.

Caryn Brooks

Galveston, TX | Knabe

The communication is outstanding. You always know what stage your piano is in and what's going on with it.

Anthony Dibenedetto

Pine Brook, NJ | 1927 Steinway M

Paul was just very accommodating on every level.

Rachel and Max Robinson

Woodfield, OH | 1921 Steinway M

I am 100% satisfied with the wonderful experience I had with the Lindeblads.

Stephanie and Michael Pries

South Bend, IN | 1909 Steinway A

I definitely think the quality of the service is first rate.

Andy Wasserman

Schooleys Mountain, NJ | 1924 Steinway M

Of the dozens of places in the Tri-State area that I went to, I felt a connection, in terms of the service, the integrity, and the quality, with Paul Lindeblad's work.

Robert Joslin

Zurich, Switzerland | 1960 Steinway M

I was impressed with how professional and friendly they were.

Michael Bunchman

New York, NY | 1928 Steinway L

Paul Lindeblad and his staff are hard working, dedicated craftsmen, who commit themselves entirely in refurbishing these timeless and priceless instruments.

Jeannie Clubine

Reeds Spring, MO | 1927 Steinway M

I've waited many years to upgrade pianos - so thankful that I trusted Lindeblad's.

Rebecca and Ross Silver

Allentown, PA | 1929 Steinway M

I appreciate all the time you gave us explaining every detail of the restoration.

Michael Sullivan

Fort Thomas, KY | 1924 Steinway O

Such wonderful customer service is rarely found these days.

Jennifer Linton

Mashpee, MA | 1948 Steinway M

The Lindeblads are an amazing and caring company and your special touches will always be remembered.

Julie Curt

Red Wing, MN | 1927 Steinway M

I am so happy with the wonderful piano you made for me. It is everything I had hoped for.

Sue Marsh

Travelers Rest, SC | 1949 Steinway S

Thanks to all of you for making this one of the smoothest and most enjoyable purchases we've ever made. Our piano exceeds all our expectations!

Scott Silvester

Arlington, VA | 1908 Steinway O

We love the results of the restoration project, we love the piano, and we are fortunate that we will get to have it in our home.

Kathleen Wight

Austin, TX | 1918 Steinway M

Saying 'Thank You' doesn't seem enough for all the time, energy and most of all, love Lindeblad put into my piano.

Amy Kramer

Bedford, NY | 1928 Steinway L

The restoration was meticulously done, and both the inside and outside of our Steinway L are pristine.

Joseph Cammarata

Huntington, NY | 1939 Steinway B

The Lindeblad Piano Company are a very reliable source for piano sales, restoration, technical and cosmetic service.

Hannah Anderson

Bingham Farms, MI | Chickering

The incredible craftsmanship has been a delight to the musicians in our family and the beautiful and rich sound has added to the music of life that does not cease to emanate from our home.

Jeff Steinhorn

Gladstone, NJ | 1949 Steinway Console

At Lindeblad’s, we found what we were looking for; a low pressure, trustworthy environment, with a selection that met our requirements.

David Porter

Maryland Heights, MO | 1915 Mason and Hamlin A

I was very impressed with the materials and craftsmanship that went into the rebuilding of this piano.

Christine Mayer

San Antonio, TX | 1968 Steinway M

We could not possibly be more pleased with our beautiful Steinway Model M or with the company that stands behind it.

Martha Gordon

Hampden, ME | 1942 Chickering

Your company exemplifies integrity. We will sing our "Ode to Joy" this Thanksgiving – Thankyou for all you have done!!

Jon Wickham

Wilmer, TX | 1910 Knabe

It seems to me you and your company carry on old traditions of piano work in a rich and distinguished way.

Bill Adams

St. Louis, MO | 1915 Mason and Hamlin A

Everything from the restoration to the moving was done by consumate professionals. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Nancy Markle

Townbank, NJ | Console

I want to thank you all for the terrific service on my piano restoration. It looks brand new and sounds great.

Becky and Andy McCluskey

Denton, TX | 1898 Kranich & Bach

We didn't have to ask much because you have us information that we didn't realize we needed until you said it.

Tom and Maria Petrone

Staten Island, NY | 1906 Steinway A

The quality of the craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this beautiful instrument.

Mark and Janelle Farrell

Wadsworth, OH | 1942 Steinway S

Finally, it dawned on me to open the lid and look inside. What a surprise! I teared up looking at how beautiful it was.

Carla Bailey

Temple, TX | 1941 Steinway Console

The kindness your staff have shown to a beginner cannot be over-emphasized.

Paul and Lisa Hadlow

Darien, CT | 1926 Steinway M

From initial contact to final delivery, we have been extremely satisfied with Lindeblad’s responsiveness and integrity.

Peter W. Marks, MD, PhD

Woodbridge, CT | 1911 Steinway O

Our experience with Lindeblad Piano has been truly exceptional.

Phillip H. Norris

East Blue Hill, ME | 1907 Mason and Hamlin A

I have been tuning in coastal Maine for 25 years and never have I seen a better job.

José M. Rivera, MD

Plano, TX | 1921 Steinway M

It was a bit of a leap of faith for us, since we were unable to make the trip to New Jersey to check the piano out, but believe me, we were not disappointed.

Timothy L. Jacobs

Grand Island, NE | 1949 Baldwin

Lindeblad Piano exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the company for a restoration process.

Stephen and Evelyn Colbert

NJ | 1922 Steinway O

This spring we had the good fortune of visiting Paul Lindeblad’s showroom in Pine Brook, NJ.

Lisa Tate

Baltimore, MD | 1928 Mason and Hamlin A

Our piano is gorgeous. If cream could sing, it would be the voice of this piano. Rich, elegant, warm, and refined. To play it is a joy.

Marilyn Lasher

New Kensington, PA | 1960 Knabe

The piano is beautiful! I'm very pleased!!

Anne Katlic

Penfield, NY | 1889 Steinway

Working with you and your company was a true pleasure.

Vern L. Holman

Newport News, VA | Baldwin

Everyone here raved about the good tone of the piano... I’m very pleased with everything and I shall keep the Lindeblad name alive around here.

Cathy Urich

Fayetteville, AR | 1928 Chickering

Carl D’Aquino

New York, NY | James Mont

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I certainly look forward to many similar projects with you.

Georgia White Clements

Lewisberry, PA | 1910 Steinway B

The Steinway looks magnificent.From the ivory keys to the re-bronzed harp, one can see the conscientious attention to detail.

G. William Jarman

Baton Rouge, LA | 1916 Steinway A3

The quality of workmanship and the follow up service has been first rate.

Frances and Joseph Muni

Boca Raton, FL | 1936 Story and Clark

I appreciate all the pictures, phone calls and emails that allowed me to feel front and center during the process.

Ira Helf

Highland Lakes, NY | 1918 Steinway M

Their team is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the restoration, And everything happened exactly as they described it.

Dalis Sharpe

West Lake Hills, TX | 1927 Mason and Hamlin A

The piano is absolutely perfect–an absolute dream-come-true!

Rebecca Zigterman

Stanford, CA | 1923 Steinway M

I cannot emphasize enough how gorgeous the piano is!! I even checked the serial number to make sure it was the same piano!

David Loerke

Allentown, NJ | 1938 Steinway S

He restored the instrument totally to my wishes in every aspect, including touch and brilliance.

John Forestieri

Newport, VA | 1902 Steinway B

The pleasure I receive from this incredible piano is way beyond what I expected - and I had high expectations!

Wendell and Lynda Wilkinson

Pittsburg, KS | 1917 Steinway O

The Lindeblad's have done an exceptional job in restoring our Steinway parlor grand as if it were their own family heirloom.

Lucy Weymouth

MD | 1929 Mason and Hamlin

Every bit of the work was done with care and precision.

Crystal Broussard

South Orange, NJ | 1928 Wurlitzer

Throughout the restoration process he kept me informed and updated.

Pat Feuchtenberger

Bluefield, VA | 1905 Steinway B

Everyone who has heard it or played it thinks it is a truly fine instrument.

Keith Dayer

Schenectady, NY | 1935 Lester

It truly has a wonderful tone. This instrument will be treasured for generations to come.

Robert Mittra

Minneapolis, MN | 1903 Steinway O

I can’t thank you enough for the the time and care you have taken in restoring this piano and in the expert way in which you have handled the sales process.

Mirenda Hall

Fort Washington, MD | Stark

After searching different companies, I was lead to yours and it was a blessing.

Michael and Mindy Nirenberg

East Meadow, NY | 1940 Knabe

Our relationship with the Lindeblad family was perfect from the start. They were patient with our time frame and they were always professional.

Tom and Sandra Gaffney

Bellevue, GA | 1950 Mason and Hamlin B

You did a beautiful restoration on our Mason Hamlin and delivered it to our son in Savannah. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

David Miller

South Charleston, WV | 1967 Chickering

They promised to restore my Chickering to its "former glory" and I believe they even surpassed that promise. I couldn't be happier--it's a dream come true.

Jim Reum

Chicago, IL | 1923 Steinway M

Your outstanding craftsmanship, professionalism and attention to quality detail in all aspects of the restoration produced an exquisitely fine instrument.

Carolyn A. Schult, Ph.D.

South Bend, IN | 1907 Mason and Hamlin

The piano turned out beautifully. My tuner was very impressed with the workmanship inside too.

Sue Chandler

Wayne, NJ | 1927 Steinway M

I am absolutely thrilled to own such a fine musical instrument

Jason Dausman

St. Louis, MO | 1941 Steinway D

Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Ellen Hori

South River, NJ | 1888 Mathushek

When the piano was delivered to my home I was amazed! work is impeccable.

Karen M. Mitchell

Grand Rapids, MI | 1897 Steinway

You are true artists. I can't thank you enough for your dedication to your craft.

Jonathan D. Krant, MD, FACP

Williamstown, MA | 1927 Steinway M

Aesthetically this is a lovely object to behold, and, as promised, the tone, action and sound quality are flawless.

Nancy Baton

Westfield, NJ | 1925 Sohmer

I appreciated the fact that you did not push us in any one direction, but rather offered us many options...

Alice Windish

Parsippany, NJ | Steinway B

We are amazed and enormously delighted with the results.

Julie Saypoff

Short Hills, NJ | 1922 Steinway M

We were so lucky to have found Lindeblad Piano!

Anthony Pio Costa III

Montville, NJ | 1911 Weber

It was a pleasure having my 1911 Weber rebuilt by your company.

Jamie and Bill Paley

Wayne, NJ | 1908 Steinway A

We wanted to thank you so much for working with us to buy the piano of our dreams.

Barbara C. Albenberg

South Orange, NJ | Steinway M

I’m so glad I found you.

Tony Villa

Far Hills, NJ | Mason and Hamlin

Thank you for helping to bring this hobby of mine back to life.

W. Christopher Singleton

NJ | Knabe

Your restoration of this rosewood piano was nothing short of miraculous.

Lewis L. Krieger

Livingston, NJ | Knabe

The action is more lively than ever, the tone is superb and the case is as beautiful as any we have ever seen.

Mary Severini

NJ | Knabe

I know we made the right choice holding out for an older piano. The sound quality is so much better. Definitely worth waiting for!

Don Scafari

Mansfield, NJ | 1916 Steinway M

It has become a constant source of joy and satisfaction, both visually and aurally.

Alan H. Fox

Saddle Brook, NJ | 1923 Steinway O

This  enthusiasm and willingness to go out of your way for even a prospective client (which I was at such time) served me well and I know would serve others well also.

M.S. Gadel

Newton, NJ | 1933 Steinway M

This piano is the last possession I would part with.

Stephen A. Laico

Warwick, NY | 1920 Mason and Hamlin A

Let me now reiterate how thrilled I am with the piano.

Timothy I. Duffy

Califon, NJ | Steinway M

Since its delivery, you have been the recipient of more compliments than you can imagine.

Hart Huschens

NJ | Mason and Hamlin

What felt, sounded, and looked like a beat-up instrument, turned out to be one with a magnificent tone and touch, and with a fine mahogany finish.

Renee Wasserman

Short Hills, NJ | 1915 Steinway A

We are extremely pleased with the beautiful sound of the piano and especially the action!

Janet Koefer

Basking Ridge, NJ | Steinway L

The mahogany finish is beautiful, and the sound is wonderful – resonant as well as brilliant.